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Sidewalk riding also makes you vulnerable to cars pulling out of parking lots or driveways. Just put your left arm straight out. It erased all meaningful difference and distinction: The chemical company operator inserted a gauge assembly, consisting of a bull plug, needle valve and pressure gauge, into a threaded flange on the wellhead and tightened the assembly until it was snug.

How's My Driving?

If they're riding too far to the left for you to pass safely on the left, then announce "on your right" before passing on the right. After the incident occurred, the well operator called and an ambulance crew was dispatched from the nearest town, approximately 10 miles from the site of the incident.

Take all your safety gear, first aid kit, signal flag, and a tow line. Inland waters may not have anyone monitoring channel 16 on the VHF, so mobile phones are best.

Cars will approach you at a much higher relative speed. If several cars are stopped at a light, then you can try passing on the right cautiously. Check the area where you are going prior to the trip to see if a phone or VHF works better.

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The Right Cross permalink This is the most common way to get hit or almost get hit. If you're not convinced, after you've used your mirror for a month, take it off your bike and ride around and notice how you keep glancing down to where your mirror was, and notice how unsafe you feel without it.

The application of an improper fitting to the wellhead was an underlying cause of the fatal incident. The responsible employer should ensure that personnel involved in hazardous activities have adequate training and skills for the tasks they are to perform.

The Right Hook, pt. And in a supreme and tragic irony, workers for a copper mine in Indonesia were taking part in a compulsory behavioral safety course in an underground training facility.

safety first

But it points out the need to reassess your route periodically and be willing to change your route accordingly. They had less time to see you and take evasive action because they're approaching you faster than normal because you're going towards them rather than away from them.

Ride to the left. Taking up the whole lane makes it harder for drivers to pass you to cut you off or turn into you. Wear a reflective vest or a safety triangle. During that time traffic got worse and worse while I became more and more complacent. Note that when you're tailing a slow-moving vehicle, ride behind it, not in its blind spot immediately to the right of it.

So, I totally appreciate that you took the time to put bicyclesafe. International Loss Control Institute. They had no reason to expect that someone would be coming at them from the wrong direction.

Riding the wrong way is against the law and you can get ticketed for it. The Rear End permalink You innocently move a little to the left to go around a parked car or some other obstruction in the road, and you get nailed by a car coming up from behind.

Now let's see how to avoid getting hit.

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The farther left you are such as in "B"the more likely the driver will see you. This page shows you real ways you can get hit and real ways to avoid them. This is a far cry from normal bicycle safety guides, which usually tell you little more than to wear your helmet and to follow the law.

Safety first definition is - —used to say that the most important thing is to be safe. Safety First iv. Acknowledgments. Finally, we want to thank two individuals who provided tremendous support for this effort. Anne. Stanton, Director of.

Safety 1st, the leader in child safety products, including car seats, travel system strollers, baby gear and safeguarding solutions for more than 30 years. American Society of Safety Professionals. Crane Operator Certification Rule Published. OSHA has clarified certification requirements for crane operators in a new final rule that requires employers to ensure that crane operators can safely operate the equipment.

SafetyFirst brings together experts from the safety, insurance and technology fields to reduce commercial auto vehicle collisions.

Safety first
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